How To Convert Leads Into Paying Customers

Your leads are your potential customers. These are the people who have expressed an interest in your products and services and the people you want to talk to.There is an old marketing saying that says you need to interact with someone 7 times before they purchase a product or service. They want to figure out if, in their minds, you bring value to their life.

So how do turn leads into buying customers?

Identify Your Ideal Customer

If you try to sell to everybody, you’ll probably end up selling to nobody. You have to focus your efforts on getting leads from people who are your ideal customer. Do this by creating a customer avatar. A customer avatar is the one individual who perfectly represents your ideal prospect or customer. What are your prospect’s most pressing problems? How can you solve them?

Get Their Email Address

To encourage your ideal prospect to give you their email address you have to offer them something of value that they will want to have. The easiest option is to offer a digital download. This can be a report, checklist, eBook or video. Basically, anything that can be instantly emailed to a prospect when they enter their email address into your email opt-in box.

Convert Leads Into Customers

Once they have provided their email in exchange for your free giveaway, you follow up immediately with an engaging email series. This is your online lead generation sales funnel. A step-by-step process that brings prospects to the point of wanting to buy from you.

Your first email is a ‘Thank You’ email that contains the link to download your free giveaway. After the ‘Thank You’ email, follow up with 5 to 7 helpful emails that continue to deliver a lot of free and valuable content relevant to your market. At the end of this email sequence, make a low-end offer that is almost a no-brainer. On the back end of that offer, you make a higher value one time offer (OTO) that matches with the low-end purchase.

Your Sales Funnel

Your sales funnel has to be set up in advance, and should provide a smooth experience for your prospect. You must have a simple and effective sales funnel to send your prospect through. If not, all the hard work you did to getting that prospect to your opt-in form is left to chance, rather than a proven process that puts customer engagement and sales on autopilot.

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