How GPS Tracking Has Changed Our Lives

It’s easy to take things for granted, none more so than when it comes to technology that we come to love and use day in, day out. Technology becomes a way of life, and after a while people become dependent on it and very often take it for granted. Consider the internet, for example. When people lose their email and ability to browse they can often feel lost or unsure what to do!

The same could be said for GPS Tracking technology.

GPS Tracking technology was a major breakthrough for the US Military back in the 70s as a network of satellites was deployed to transfer communications from global devices back to central command posts. GPS Technology in the military has become so important know it would be difficult to see how the forces might cope without it. It is literally saving lives on the front line and allowing tactical teams to plan and deploy with a better understanding of terrain and enemy movements.

But it’s not just the military who have benefited from GPS technology. Over the last few years we have seen a boom in the consumer retail trade and many different products targeting different applications of GPS Tracking. From our pets to our cars, we can know track anything that moves, in near real time, or set up features known as geo-fences so that if something moves outside a designated boundary we receive an alert on our mobile phones or email accounts.

Why have we become so affectionate with GPS Tracking?

The thought of being able to track something of value in near real time is quite an exciting prospect, especially with the cost of purchasing the devices now becoming more affordable due to mass production. The thing about GPS Tracking solutions is that there is no end to the different applications it can be used for. It can literally be used to keep track of your car (vehicle tracking is one of the most common uses), boat or caravan – or if you want you could use it to keep track of your children whilst they are out playing with their friends.

It’s not just limited to home use though. Many businesses make use of the technology by deploying tracking systems to fleets or remote workers.

Sports teams use GPS tracking devices, not only in extreme events such as mountain climbing and trekking, but they can also provide accurate information for training when it comes to speeds and distances achieved during a session.

There is no definitive list of things that you can use the technology for, but one thing that is for certain is that it has changed the way we live, for the better, and will continue to do so for the years ahead.

Source by Ian Sheldon

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