How Facebook Fanpages Create a Real Buzz

Using Facebook fanpages as a platform to engage customers and create a following for my business has been really successful. They have proven to be an easy and natural way to build a following for me. Here are some reasons why using well constructed fanpages can be of benefit to your business:

  1. It allows you to build a large network for your business.
  2. Free advertising.
  3. It introduces your business to a wider demographic.
  4. Builds a stronger relationship with your customers.
  5. Makes information dissemination faster.
  6. Easy route to communicate with clients.
  7. Keeps you up-to-date with what the current market wants and needs.

Based on my personal experience, using Facebook fanpages has positively affected my business. Initially, my followers were only my immediate network, friends and family. But as time passed, I saw the number of followers or fans grow in multiples of 10 to 100 in a short amount of time. My network had expanded from only my friends to friends of friends and more.

It is no doubt that Facebook fan-pages has helped grow my business. Seeing the number of fans and followers increase each day, I feel satisfied that my business is going in the right direction. I can now easily connect with my customers and get instant feedback from them. I try to find out what they want and use it to my advantage to further expand my business.

Using fanpages is a perfect example of viral marketing at its best. With the increasing number of Facebook users, information is passed-along so quickly from one person to another any time to any part of the globe.

Putting your business on Facebook may seem as simple as just setting up the account. However, it takes a lot of work to maintain the page and keep your fans happy. I had to make sure that I put quality content on my page so visitors immediately know what my business is about and what kind of services I offer.

So, how do you make your Facebook fanpage a success, based on my experience here are a few suggestions:

First of all, connect with other networks – For instance, join or support a movement that your business represents. This will drive people towards your fanpage knowing that you support the same cause as them.

Second of all, make your fanpage informative – You can put media in your fanpage that would benefit customers. When people can use it as a resource and get information beneficial to them, visits to your page will increase and your network will continue to grow.

Thirdly, let it be interactive – It would be nice to have people participate. Whether you have contests or make people vote, making sure that people are engaged will keep them interested in your page.

Fourthly, know the demographic – Make sure that there is an audience for your business when you put this on Facebook. If there is no demographic in this platform, your online fan base will not grow.

What's great about using fanpages is that when people see the number of followers that you have, they can immediately associate this with your business' reputation. Based on the large number of fans, they can ascertain that the business is reliable and that the brand can be trusted.

As the number of fans of my Facebook page grows, I am enjoying my success and continuing to build a strong brand for existing and potential customers.

Source by Steve N Richardson

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