How Do Emotions Impact Marketing?

One of my new favorite books that is based on human emotions discusses the use of emotional intelligence which I have written about in previous articles. By making a person know more about their own emotions that person can then predict why other people feel the way they do.

Everything comes from experience. A positive experience will yield a positive feeling. In contrast, a negative experience will yield the negative emotion that they do not want to feel again.

If you think about your past you can see why you enjoy certain activities while you stay away from others. For me I love martial arts. It has instilled a thought process that I follow-on a daily basis. It is something that has grown into a passion. The reason this occurred was because of my first martial art instructor.

Let me give you a small piece of history. I had heart surgery as an infant. This stopped me from many activities like contact sports. I was not able to enjoy the same sports as my friends. By the time I was twelve my mother decided it was time to allow me to do martial arts. She actually closed her eyes and pointed to a name in a phone book. She didn’t know how to choose an instructor. When she spoke with the instructor he explained how I could still do martial arts even with my medical problems.

When I started I feel like this was a turning point in my life. It became such a positive emotion that it caused a butterfly effect in my entire life. This can be done when you are working with clients. Give them a good feeling. Give them positive emotion. Give them enough information that they want to feel strongly about what they are about to do.

How do you build positive emotions in people?

First find out how to relate to someone. Figure out what makes them tick. Ask questions. The more questions you can ask someone the better you will be able to understand where that person is coming from.

A clear example could be if you ran into a person like me this is what you would find. I love my family. Everything I do is to further my family. Because of this if a person wanted to sell me something they would want to make me understand how it would help my family. Each person has something that they can associate positive feelings toward.

Use these emotions to bring out the most positive influence. This happens in any form of marketing you are in. Think about your product. Now write down all of the different ways it can help people. Now that you have these written down when you speak with a potential client and they hit upon one of your points you can then persuade them why your product can help them in that specific area of their life.

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