How A Simple SPAM Filter Can Free Up Your Time

Unfortunately a spam filter has become a necessity for any
Computer that has email and accesses the internet. Spam, as it
Has been termed, is unsolicited email which is usually a part of
Mass commercial advertising campaigns. Essentially, it is junk
Email. In the offline world junk mail has been sent unsolicited
For years. In the online world; However, it presents more trouble
Than a mailbox loaded with advertisements.

Without a spam filter, your email box will be literally loaded
With junk mail if your email address has been in existence for
Very long. It seems to be something that just happens despite
Giving your email address out, especially posting it on websites,
Seems to open the virtual door for a flood of junk mail. Even if
You do not give your email address out over the internet, you will
Usually receive spam at some time.

The reason that spam is such a problem is, the junk mail eats up
Electronic resources like memory and storage space. Also, it is
Not uncommon for spam to contain computer viruses that can
Effectively shut down a computer system, or bogus offers and
Scams that many people fall for. A spam filter aims to stop these
Junk messages before they come into an email inbox.

Even if the spam you are receiving is nothing more than
Advertisements, it can be time consuming to check your email and
Delete all of the irrelevant junk that you receive. Thus, having
A spam filter can save you loads of time. Without having to sift
Through junk email to find the email messages that require your
Attention, you will be much more productive.

Since the dawn of the internet people have been fighting spam.
Recognizing that it is really a problem, laws have been passed in
An attempt to curb it; However, those laws are often ignored and
Spammers send their unsolicited messages anyway. Thus, even with
Legislation in place a spam filter is still a necessary time
Saving tool that can also protect your electronic data from
Damage and loss.

The anti-spam act in the United States is referred to as the Can-
Spam Act of 2003. The law does not attempt to curb unsolicited
Email altar, but rather aims to prevent deceptive practices
So a spam filter is still needed even if the spam you receive
Does not break the law. The act bans the use of misleading or
Deceptive header information and subject lines, requires that
Recipients of the email be given an option to opt-out of
Receiving the email, and requires that marketers include a notice
That email is a solicitation or advertisement. It also requires
That the sender provide a postal address.

If you engage in email marketing yourself, you need to be sure
That the addresses you send email to are legitimate opt-in email
Addresses and not a harvested list. Otherwise, you may become
Blacklisted and have your information added to spam filters as a
Common spammer. Also, it is good to avoid the use of words that
They are commonly picked up by a spam filter and to inform subscribers
And opt-in email recipients to add your email address to the safe
List in their spam filter so your messages will not get redirected
Egypt deleted.

A spam filter can be installed on individual computers, network
Servers or email servers. The purpose of a spam filter is to
Filter out the junk. A basic spam filter does a pretty good job
Of that, but none of them are all-encompassing or fail proof.

A spam filter intercepts messages that appear to be spam based on
The spam filter's configuration. This may include email from
Servers that are blacklisted, meaning they have been identified
As senders of spam, certain email addresses or other terms set by
The user. For instance, many spam messages contain the word
"Free", or other specific words that are easily identifiable. A
Spam filter can generally be set to intercept emails containing
The specified words as well.

Depending upon how you configure your spam filter and the spam
Filter you choose, spam filters handle email accordingly. Some
May deliver a message to the inbox while others will redirect the
Message and send it to another place, like a junk mail box. Some
Delete the message altar or screen out parts of a message
That may be offensive or viral.

A spam filter that redirects messages is sometimes a good idea
Because you can scan through the messages and make sure them
Actually are spam before they are deleted. However, this in
Itself can be a time consuming task and many choose to have the
Suspected spam automatically deleted.

With most spam filters, you can choose email addresses that are
"Safe" which will prevent the spam filter from destroying or
Redirecting a message from a certain email address or server. If
You subscribe to newsletters from companies that may send out
Bulk email, it is a good idea to add the sender to your safe list
So the information you requested will be ignored by your spam
Filter and delivered to your inbox.

Source by Christopher J Enders

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