Hotwiving and What Your Wife Wants From It

The biggest mistake men make when they try to get their wives interested in hotwiving, is blundering in without giving a moment’s thought to what they’re trying to achieve. I mean, yes, they know what their goal is, but that’s the problem. They’re focused on it like a greyhound chasing a rabbit and are blind to all else — including the mess they’re making of things!

Hotwiving and What Your Wife Wants From It

The first thing to consider is this is your fantasy not hers (if you’re a man whose reading this because your wife has approached YOU about becoming a Hotwife, then you can ignore this bit…). So, if you dive right in with “hey darling, why don’t you go out and find a lover and lay him blind in a hotel while I wait here at home for you?” she is not going to be particularly impressed.

Because the BIG problem here is it’s… all about YOU and what YOU want. You have to think of this as being a sale — because that’s really what it is… you trying to sell her on the idea of having sex with other men.

And that in turn means you have to do two things:

  1. You have to show her there’s something in it for her. And just talking about all the hot sex she can have isn’t going to cut it with the vast majority of women. Remember that’s YOUR view of the fantasy. You know your wife better than I do, but in general women want more intimacy, love, communication and things like that in their lives. So you have to show her how she’s going to get more of whatever it is she wants by being a Hotwife (and remember she wants these things from YOU because you don’t want her deeply emotionally involved with the men she’s having sex with).
  2. You have to be aware of and have answers to her objections. And she’ll have a lot of these, ranging from “WTF are you ON?“, to “but what about us?” to “what if I get pregnant or catch something?” to “but won’t you be jealous?“, and so on.

In other words, you need to do your groundwork and have all the information you need at your fingertips. And a word of warning: please keep something of a clear head and don’t take what you read on blogs and forums at face value, because it’s mostly made up. Truth be told you know it’s not true because it’s just too damned good to be true, isn’t it?

My wife, Josselyn, and I have been in the lifestyle for the past 7 years and apart from a few hiccoughs it’s been a lot of fun.

And now we’d like to share our knowledge and experience so you don’t have to make the mistakes we made – because we’ve made them for you! So if you’re SICK and TIRED of all the nonsense and hype about Hotwiving on the Internet, then you need to get safe, sane and sensible information from a genuine lifestyle couple.

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