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Social media has taken over the power of advertising and brand development and every business now should be well aware of the benefits that they can gain from these everyday social media platforms. These platforms might look like they are regular things but they are actually much more than that. If you learn the tactics of attracting users online, you will understand how much social media can be a factor in the significant increase of your business and its return on investment.

One of the best social media platforms for your growing business is LinkedIn and it offers much more than meets the eye. You must understand the significance of LinkedIn in our lives because, if you understood and used properly, it can be a deciding factor in the course of your business. LinkedIn has been considered as one of the most important social media platforms for businesses today because of its many features that help businesses set up their brand awareness and increase their reach. From small to large businesses, anyone can broaden their networks on LinkedIn without much hassle by simply using their numerous features.

LinkedIn ensures that you can carry your business forward with its more than useful features whenever and from wherever you would like. Apart from the features, you can also use its everyday profile to get to recruiters and those who are looking for jobs. You can add your previous work experiences with your jobs titles and responsibilities in order to attract more connections on LinkedIn. You can also add any volunteer experiences to gain more relevant attention.

Here Are 6 Of The Best Features Provided by LinkedIn in Order to Kick Start Your Future Campaigns:

Mentions: This feature has been rolled out recently by LinkedIn and it is absolutely important that you make use of this feature from your official company page or your own profile. This feature lets you mention anyone from your connections in a post anywhere you want. When you mention them, they receive a notification which leads them to the post where you had mentioned their name. You can do this for as many connections as you want in order to increase the reach of your posts.

Search option: LinkedIn offers a search bar which lets anyone from regular people to businesses find the things that interest them the most. Since LinkedIn is a complete professional social media platform, It lets you use the search bar for your professional needs. It’s new algorithm also makes this search bar more efficient which makes you receive what you are looking for, quicker and better.

Company Pages: Company pages is one of the oldest of LinkedIn’s features. This feature allows you to create a company page of your business and maintain it online. It lets you engage your customers and also grab a significant amount of reach on your posts. You can engage your customers online in order to boost brand awareness and lead them to your website eventually. You can post relevant articles, blogs and other relevant things to your business on your business page which will help you make your page more attractive and easily gain more audience.

Get introduced: This great feature lets you create more and more relevant connections on this amazing social media platform. It lets you search your connections’ connections by specific keyword so that you can connect with people with relevant qualities or skills. Once you connect with them and they are interested, they will add you back and you can simply take your communication further by using the messenger that LinkedIn offers.

In Mail: You can use this exclusive feature of LinkedIn only if you are a premium customer. First month as a premium customer is completely free of charge and you must try it out and use some of the best exclusive features that LinkedIn provides. In mail is one of the top features for premium LinkedIn users as it lets you send a high quality mail or message to a person who you are trying to connect with but cannot because of their privacy and security choices. Through this feature, you can connect with the topmost businessmen from anywhere in the world and take your relationship forward with them from there.

Publish: You don’t always need to post links of relevant articles or blogs on your business page on LinkedIn in order to grab people’s attention. You can also use its amazing feature called the “publisher”. You can simply write an article on LinkedIn itself, put up a relevant picture with it, add some tags to it so that people can easily find your article and then publish it on your name. It is literally that easy to be done. This features help you gain more connections as people come across your published articles and they connect with you in order to receive some more relevant information.

Since LinkedIn, too, uses some levels of paid marketing, you can make use of coupons and offers in order to receive some significant discounts on your marketing campaign purchases on LinkedIn. Once you make some purchases, you will be awarded with a premium account which is much more useful and better than the regular social media platform. Even if you are not using the premium features, LinkedIn’s regular account provides more than enough features for you and your business to gain the awareness and following that you are expecting it to. It not only makes things much easier for you but also helps you reduce overall advertising costs which would have been way more if you were to choose above the line media.

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