Facebook Marketing Tips for Restaurants and Small Business

Facebook is today’s Lord Of The Social Networking Sites…period.

The website currently has more than 500 million active users worldwide!

Facebook operates the largest people search engine on Internet, and has the highest growth rates.

You can skip all these stats, do your own research and then when you are done checking all these numbers with your jaw dropped tell me I was right or you can simply trust me when I tell you, Facebook is the absolute Lord of the Social networking sites.

Since Social Media is the new and free way to market our restaurant and ourselves we have to make sure we establish a solid reputation in BRANDING it right from the start. Restaurants thrive on word of mouth and what better place then Facebook where your fans can have the opportunity to interact with you and get to know you on a personal level.

And today’s indisputable site is Facebook…so why is this site so extremely popular?

It’s easy to understand, is easy to build, is easy to find your people, is easy to communicate, is easy to add content, is easy to share with others, is easy to reach, is a cool looking site, and covers the number one necessity people have…”to socialize”.

It is a genius tool where you can create a group page, where you can expose yourself, your knowledge and values, but you can also create a page where you can expose your products and services.

Before we start to blossom on Facebook there are few things to learn and remember.

So here are 11 important points to keep in mind when creating your restaurant’s Facebook page:

  1. Optimize the whole account to the maximum potential by adding good profile photo, by adding you personal link, by adding a good description of your restaurant, etc.
  2. Understand how each specific account really works.
  3. Create a strong network of followers.
  4. Add precious and relevant content.
  5. Abstain from selling.
  6. Position yourself as a HELPER, as a solution giver, as a LEADER.
  7. Be Consistent with your participation.
  8. Create debates and contests.
  9. Understand your crowd, care for their opinion.
  10. Be reachable.
  11. Build TRUST

Your restaurant’s Facebook Page, when done correctly can be used to bring in new customers/visitors/friends/traffic in general as well as to help you to maintain your current relationships.

Go ahead and socialize at the biggest party ever, you know you want to!!!

Always keep it real and stay connected!

Source by Emy Hovanesyan

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