Ethical Issues in Business Are Growing Everyday

With the advancement of growing technologies, competitors in market are also growing. This had resulted in various ethical issues in any business. Every business organization must comply with these principles to be ethically valued. Some companies may tend to boost their sales by following various techniques, most common among them is the promotional adaptations, in which they will not completely give the details of the product and hence customers are in one way or the other defrauded.

Ethics covers a wider area in terms of business. Ethical values, one should follow in business should satisfy the customers, employee and employer. There are values that should be satisfied internally within the organization, between the employer and employee or between employees.

  1. Treating one or more employees with partiality is also unethical.
  2. The business organization should not give out the customer details to any other third parties without the consent of the customer in the written form. The customer is eligible to determine whether he would like to give his details to the third party or not, or which third party to choose and to terminate the details whenever he wishes.
  3. The company should be able to change the information of the customers whenever they request it to. In addition, the company should be able to retrieve the information whenever the customer wishes to. However, once the contracts of the clients are completed, or the customer is no longer within the company, then the information stored must be erased and they should never be sold out.

These are some of the ethical issues in business. These are also covered inside the legal terms for the customers provided by the law. Some violation of ethical values often occurs around us and we fail to notice them, since they have become a practice. The doctor should never give out the details of the patient to anyone. A lawyer must not appear for a client that one of his previous clients have sued. This is typical violation of ethical values. However, the professionals have never worried in making these violations.

With the opportunity of social network marketing or the online marketing, one should take care in not to violate the cultures or harass people of different regions. The contents used for marketing products should not violate the ethical terms. For smaller companies the task is easy, since their target would be local industries or people of local region. They need not worry too much in harassing other cultures. However, for larger companies, they have a tedious job in maintaining their business ethics. Often these larger companies have ethical officer, whose job is to maintain ethics within the organization as well as to customers or public. Sometimes, companies may sell lower standard products bribing the government officials, which is a clear form of ethical violation. Ethical issues in business are particular in certain areas. The business organization must take care and plan well to avoid these ethical issues.

I hope these simple explanations will help you in resolving the ethical issues in business you might be faced with.

Source by Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata

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