Emotional Affair Quiz – Determine If Your Spouse Is Having an Emotional Affair With This Quiz

This emotional affair quiz is designed to help you find out your husband is having an affair. An emotional affair is one of the most difficult forms of infidelity to spot because of the vagueness of its warning signs. It can easily be misinterpreted and there is only a fine line that separates it from a platonic friendship. In fact, a lot of people are still debating whether an emotional affair is really cheating because it does not involve sex.

The bottom line is that an emotional affair involves lying and deception. One of the spouses becomes emotionally unfaithful with his or her partner by engaging with another person in an inappropriate way. If you really value honesty in your relationship, then you should do something as soon as you discover that your husband is having an emotional affair.

Emotional cheating is very common in the workplace and on the Internet. This is the reason why we hear so many stories about marriages destroyed because of a co-worker or a past lover who reconnected with the spouse over the Internet. Most of the time, the husband is in denial or does not know that he is in one until it is too late.

Below is the emotional affair quiz you should take to know if your spouse is cheating. If the answer is “yes” to most of these questions, then he is having an affair.

Does your husband:

• Get irritated easily even on small things?

• Try to withdraw away from you?

• Share personal stuffs about your marriage with another person in the opposite sex?

• Have sexual attraction or secret fantasies with a special friend?

• Lie to you on his whereabouts and the things he does every now and then?

• Talk about his special friend most of the time?

• Look forward to spending another day with his friend?

• Share important and memorable events with his friend?

• Enjoys texting or talking on the phone with another woman?

• Becomes self-conscious on the way he looks in the presence of his lady friend?

• Devote his time and effort to his friend more than he does to you?

• Feel jealous when another person talks or spends time with his friend?

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