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3.1 Twitter Trending

3.2 Yahoo Trending

3.3 Google News

3.4 Google Suggest

3.5 Stumbleupon

3.6 Google Wildcat Search





We have already covered the common ways that are beginners-friendly, but today we are going to dig deeper. The methods discussed here though they are not common practice, are as well not hard to do, neither are they space science.


  • To show the students more websites and methods to use for professional market research
  • To show the participants proper ways of using these sites for research
  • To encourage the student to demonstrate some level of proficiency by immediately using these ways for niche market research.


3.1 Twitter Trending

If you want to know the hot, new and trending stuffs currently selling in the market log into your Twitter account and check on the left side of the page for ‘trends’.

Click on each of them to see what others are doing, and you will see a whole lot of hungry market literally queuing in waiting for you to come fast and receive their dollars. Then set up similar niche websites and pursue the money in them.

You can also search for trends in your niche market or change the trends to customized your results.

See it here:

3.2 Yahoo Trending

Topics that are popular and trending in the news, books, videos, etc. are shown in Yahoo Trending. You can use this site to know about upcoming trends before others do.

As it is always said, trends are investors’ best friends.

Just Google ‘yahoo trends’ and explore those items on the lists of the results.

3.3 Google News

At this site type in the following words in quote one after the other as shown: ‘announced’, ‘best new’, ‘best of 2017’, ‘hot new releases’, ‘best wished for’.

You will find plenty ideas that can help you decide what will happen next and where to position yourself for the next profitable business windfall.

This site provide information on upcoming events, films, shows, product launches and sport events.

You can then set up websites to promote these products/events before other people know about them.

Just Google: ‘Google news’

3.4 Google Suggest

Many people who see this software at work every day may not recognize how powerful it can be in actually helping them to start and grow their business profitably.

Go to Google Search and type in ‘ internet marketing ‘ or any phrase of your choice and you will see a variety of other phrases listed automatically under the search bar – about 5 phrases.

These are product, topics and information people are currently and actively searching for realtime in that niche you typed in.

As a smart marketer, you can just pick up any of those phrases and play them around in Google Keyword Tool, then set up sites that supply those information or sale those products because they are in high demand in the market.

3.5 StumbleUpon

People who are not familiar with niches and sub-niches selection can find StumbleUpon quite useful.

The site helps people to find niches and sub-niches in a sweatless manner. It list websites based on interests and using the interest list you can easily locate your niche and sub-niche.

3.6 Google Wildcat Search

This is a bit of a technology-tricky.

Type in your niche keyword in quote and add *, and Google will return a list of your niche marketable phrases, keywords that are currently in high demand.

E.g. type into Google search something like this: ”internet marketing*”.

Scroll down to the base and observe all the result listed, then go through as many pages as possible, you may find niches that you may never think of. You can then use each of such phases to set up sites that will give you high-ranking, massive traffic and copious profits.


These tools are techno-savvy ways of catching up with trends just as they are developing. Thus you can do online business as an expert. This are some of the ways you can ‘print money on demand’ – hope you have heard this before.

Experienced Internet Marketers can make any amount of money they want at any time they want.

I am talking about Expertise!


You can apply similar or slightly different manoeuvring to get uncommon insights into your market searches, niches and sub-niches direction on these and other websites.

In the next chapter I will be discussing how to set up your marketing funnel.


Try to study and understand how those sites work.

Also attempt to use these other websites in this respect:,

Shopping popular pages,

Hot Search,

Delicious popular pages.

Get online now and finish up your market research using those additional approaches.

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