DNA Testing – How Is It Really Used in Our Society Today?

DNA testing is done to get important information or facts about crimes, to prove the guilt or innocence of someone or for tracing family ancestry. It is also used widely for genetic testing and for paternity testing. Given below are the various ways in which it is used in our society today.

Forensic Science

DNA testing or fingerprinting is widely used for forensic science today. This type of test is used to find a suspect in a crime case by using samples of hair, blood, saliva etc. There are various methods that are used for fingerprinting DNA. Some of these methods are RFLP analysis, polymerase chain reaction and short tandem repeats or STR. A test of this nature will help understand the particular pattern of the human beings beginning from pre historic times.

Paternity Test

DNA testing is very widely used for paternity tests to prove if a child is the son or daughter of a particular person. The test is done by comparing the DNA of the parents with that of the child. There are various companies around the world that offer these services today. Basically, there are three types of companies that offer paternity tests. Some companies specialize in these tests and have a lab of their own. Other companies are more like brokers while the third kind of companies are laboratories that perform these tests as a side business.

Genetic Disorders

DNA is often used today for genetic testing to check for various ancestry, diseases and illnesses. Genetic test is the analysis of the DNA of a human being. Our DNA has strands of various codes that relate to eye color, height, hair color and other body parts. It also has information about diseases and illnesses. These tests may be performed before birth or after the birth of a child. In the cases when a genetic test is done before birth the doctor would take fluid from the fetus or would do CVS to get placenta material to get genetic information. A few segments of the DNA are such that they do are passed on through generations without any change.

DNA and the various kinds of tests that are associated with it have changed our society in several different ways. Today there are testing centers and laboratories around the world that provide valuable services and helpful information. These testing centers also offer DNA banking services along with counseling sessions for biological relationship research. The results from these tests are highly accurate, which is one of the reasons why they are highly trusted and used across the world. It can be rightly said that DNA testing has permeated almost every strata of our society today.

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