Chose an Expert for Hospital HVAC Design and AC Repair

For Hospital HVAC Design and A/C Repair, Miami Hospitals Need to Choose an Expert

When it comes to HVAC design and A/C repair in your Miami hospital, hundreds of details come to mind. Hospital facility managers must consider the myriad of unique demands for each area such as:

• Accommodating the special needs of labs and operating rooms

• The design relationship between the various departments

• The relationship between ER requirements versus in-patient rooms

• Providing medical grade HVAC services to administrative and food preparation areas

• Confronting climate and humidity factors which can influence patient care

Many companies may say they perform medical HVAC system design and repairs; however the Miami market has very few true experts. Before hiring a company to make repairs or create a new HVAC design, ask for a list of previous customers in the South Florida hospital industry.

Integrating Hospital HVAC Design and AC Repair

Whether your goal is to update your Miami hospital’s current HVAC system or retrofit your current system with an energy efficient design, the professionals at Hill York have years of experience and education about how to select the best HVAC system for your hospital.

For every Miami hospital job, Hill York takes several factors into consideration in order to create an ideal system design or A/C repair:

• Cost effectiveness and overall efficiency

• Accessibility in terms of ensuring that all interior and exterior designs comply with Americans with Disability Act and Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards

• Aesthetics in order to ensure a calm, peaceful environment for staff and patients

• Security to protect the system from damage or theft

• Sustainability to reduce the hospital’s carbon footprint and provide you with a highly efficient system

When It Comes to AC Repair, Miami Companies are Not All Alike

Not sure what to look for in an HVAC Miami Florida hospital design team? One important element to consider is the company’s track record and client list. Check out the HVAC systems in other area hospitals to get an idea of what the company can deliver. Also, consider a company that provides:

• Prompt response to emergency calls

• Specially certified technicians

• Locally owned and operated

• Well rooted in the community for many years

• MSCA Green Star certified

• Efficient and timely Miami AC repairs

In the Florida area, only Hill York meets these standards. We’ve been the #1 hospital HVAC and Miami A/C repair company in Florida for over 74 years and have performed repairs and services to nearly all of the area’s hospitals.

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