Build Your Health Coaching Business Like You Would Your Home

The strangest thing occurred after getting our certificate of occupancy. We discovered that our Jacuzzi spa did not come with a heater.

What ?! No heater?

It was a real easy fix. "Can you tell me the purpose of a Jacuzzi without a heater," I asked the contractor?

Embarrassed, he had one installed the very same day.

But the whole incident brings up a very good point when it comes to Internet Marketing: there may be one master plan but there are many and varied prints.

You see, the plumber had his job and his prints, the electrician had his job and his own set of plans. The carpenters, the landscapers, the swimming pool guy … everybody was working on their own plans but the general contractor was there to make sure the whole process worked like a finely tuned orchestra.

There's a lot of detail in building a house and it's easy, I discovered, to leave something out.

In this same house, the contractor forgot to leave enough room for a staircase. Oh, that one hurt. But they installed an elaborate entertainment center when the plans did not call for one. We got that one for free, simply because it would have cost them more to remove it.

Launching your own health coaching internet based business is not too much different. You have a training program and a coaching program to market. The different levels of preparation for those items alone are a home study course in and of themselves. But you have those.

You have to sell those trainings and coaching programs but people do not know you even exist. So you have to attract them, and not just attract anybody, but people who want what you have. Do you use PPC, CPA, article marketing? Driving or attracting people to your site is another multi-hour course, or if you like, a different set of plans when building your health coaching "house".

Then, when they get to your house, how does it look? Is it half built? Is the roof on it? This is your squeeze page or landing page. And it has your sales letter on it, a letter that explains how you can help your audience with their struggles and problems. How does that look? Does it resonate with your potential clients? That's another blueprint.

They decide it is worth stepping into, stepping into your health coaching program and wham, you sell them on an "entertainment console" you do not need and may not even want. So you need to approach them and find out what they want. Once you discover that, you build your program to their specs (not yours).

When building your health coaching business, understand like building a house, that there's no way, no how that you'll have it built in a day. There's the foundation, the walls, the windows, the ceiling, the electricity, the plumbing, the landscaping and if you're lucky, the Jacuzzi with a heater.

So do not even try to build it in a day. You'll give up. Instead, create your blueprint and work on one section everyday: product development, content, sales letter, emails and telling the world about it. In a year from now or maybe even shorter, you'll have a full fledged business.

Source by Bill Ranieri

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