Advantages of a Swipe Card System

A swipe card system has many advantages over a regular clocking in system. This is mainly because it has multiple uses. A basic clocking in system allows employees to clock in but does not provide the security benefits of a swipe card system. This system is regularly used worldwide by major companies to ensure the safety and security of the company. One of the main benefits it provides is that it is extremely easy and quick to use. There is no need to sign in every time an employee enters the premises. Signing in for each employee would take a lot more time than the simple swipe of a card. The simplicity of the system is one of its strengths.

Another advantage of this system is the security it provides. It is a great way to monitor how many employees and visitors are on site and it makes it easy to regulate who comes in. There will be no unauthorised personnel on the premises allaying any security fears. It is also much safer than handing out keys to different employees. If someone loses a set of keys, then this can cause a major security concern. The only sure-fire way of guaranteeing security would be to change all the locks. This in turn will mean added costs as each lock is changed and then new keys are produced and handed to employees again. On the other hand, if someone loses their swipe card, all that is needed is the simple deactivation of the lost card and the security concern is over.

For some companies, the swipe card system actually replaces some security personnel saving the company a considerable amount of money each year. Many companies employ a security guard on the front desk to make sure that all employees and visitors sign in on arrival. By employing a security guard, a company ensures that they know who is on the premises at all times. The swipe card system records this information automatically thus reducing the need for extra security personnel.

There is also the obvious of benefit of being able to record accurately the arrival times of each employee. The system will make a record of the exact time each employee arrives or leaves. If the employees leave the premises for a lunch break, the system will record exactly when they leave and when they return. All of this information will allow a company to evaluate which employees are the most productive workers.

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