A Review of the Income-At-Home System – The Truth You Should Know

I’m sure you have heard the claims made by income-at-home, weather it be an online add or more likely a radio advertisement. Plenty of big name radio shows have adds for this system from Rush Limbaugh to Howard Stern, so you would assume that if these big names will endorse it then the system must be for real. Right?

Well for starters income-at-home is the marketing arm of a company called Online Business Systems which is a division of Herbalife (you probably heard ads for them on the same radio station, I definitely did) the vitamin and supplement distribution company. After just a little research i was able to dig this up and I’ll be honest i was already skeptical and ready to give up, but i went further to give them a fair shot.

When you first sign up its only $9. 95 for shipping and handling and they send you a starter package, keep it past 14 days and it will cost you $39. 95. Once you receive the package you will then be asked to set up a phone interview with a sales coach who will go over the system with you. What it ends up boiling down to is the original income-at-home ad was a sales pitch to get you through the front door, so that OBS/Herbalife can try to sell you the full herbalife business package (The starter kits can reach about $95. 00). So already it would appear that income-at-home is a trick, which it kinda is. Granted they are still offering you the chance to be your own boss but, the ads you hear on the radio don’t give you any of this information. The fact that it was hidden from me was very unsettling.

Looking into this new offer to be a sales associate for herbalife lead to some more issues. Herbalife uses Multi-Level Marketing to sell its product, MLMs work by paying their salesmen for the sales they generate and compensating for the salesmen they “recruit” into the company. This is very very similar to a pyramid scheme. Just do some research on MLMs and you will see the high risk involved by getting into such a corporation. Amway comes to mind when a MLM is mentioned and we all know how scrutinized they were, they were deemed not illegal “per se” but did get into trouble for lying about how much income the average salesmen generated.

Granted if you really work hard, invest a large sum of money and sell like crazy you can make money using income-at-home/herbalife, But if you look at their earning results for their distributors you will see around 5% of them make enough money to call it their primary job and around 1% make the advertised “big money”.

Now I’m not saying its a complete scam because you can make money, but i backed out when i started to see the big picture. I felt conned and once i had that feeling it was over for me.

Source by Jonathan Albee

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