5 Great Ways To Promote New Merchandise

When this season’s merchandise or a new product arrives in your store, customers need to know. Many customers are excited to be the first person to get whatever new product you have to offer, but without promotion, they’ll never know it’s coming! Hosting a product “launch” creates excitement, anticipation, and, most importantly, awareness of the new merchandise. Here are some effective methods for letting customers know what’s new in your store.

  1. Direct mail – When your store offers a mailing list, you’re asking loyal customers to follow you to learn about special offers and the latest product releases. They’re the first to know when something new is coming, which encourages them to come in and check out the product first. This is a great way to set the tone for strong sales of your new product as you can offer customers on your mailing list a special discount on the new product, or even just market it as an invitation-only preview. Exclusivity definitely drives sales.

  2. Website – In today’s technology-driven society, customers have come to expect that your website should feature lots of useful and relevant information. One great thing to include on the site is upcoming products. If a product is still in development, or if you’re still ironing out a brand agreement, it never hurts to give customers a preview of what’s coming to build excitement. Possibly even have a countdown to the new product launch so customers will know exactly when they can get their hands on the new material.

  3. Print ads – Once your product has landed in the stores, you’ll want to run print advertisements in newspapers and magazines that let customers know. These ads can be expensive but their very-visible to customers looking for bargains. Have a temporary sale on your new product to drive traffic in to check it out.

  4. In-store advertising – Your store likely gets walk-in traffic every day, so display clear decals in your storefront windows that let window-shoppers know that you have something new that they should check out. In addition, by advertising heavily off-site, you’re bringing lots of customers to your store, so you’ll need to use signs to clearly-identify your new product’s location in your store. Use a wall graphic to spotlight the product if it’s displayed along the edges of your store, whereas if it’s in a more-central location, you can use a vertical banner that is right at the customers’ eye-level.

  5. Social media – After your initial product launch has finished, use your social-networking profiles to follow-up with your customers. Ask them what they think of your new product, and encourage them to post pictures using it. The more customers interact with your brand the more exposure it (and your new merchandise) gets with their social network. It’s a great way to analyze the results of your new launch and refine your product or its marketing strategy, if necessary.

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