4 Tips for Effective Emails

Just like social media, email marketing has become a staple in how businesses drive sales and retain customers. Creating an effective email marketing campaign can result in significant increases in sales, retention, and customer satisfaction. Follow these four tips to start sending effective emails today:

Catchy Subject Lines

Just like a gatekeeper can block a person from getting to their intended recipient, a weak subject line may prevent your email from being opened. Think about it: the subject line is the first thing that the recipient will see. First and foremost: make sure you’re consistent with your brand. If you tend to have more of a humorous approach to your communications, then keep your email subject line light. If you’re all business, then keep the subject buttoned-up. While there’s no silver bullet to creating a catchy subject line, consider some of the following ideas:

  • Ask a Question: “Is your business getting the most out of social media?” The idea here is that the recipient will have to open the email to find out.
  • Mention a mutual connection: “John Doe told me to reach out.” A personal connection is always a sure-fire way to grab someone’s attention.
  • Tell them what’s inside: “New Updates to your platform inside!” This will make the recipient want to open your email to find out.
  • Use actionable language: “Catch a pass from Tom Brady!” wins over something like “Local Sports Hero Visiting.” It helps the reader visualize actually being there.

Think about the kind of language that piques your interests and gets you to open an email, and always keep it short and sweet.

Get Right to the Point

Think about how you read your emails. Most email is scanned beginning with the subject line and preview pane, and not read in its entirety at all. Don’t inundate the beginning of your emails with an over-abundance of images, icons, and introductory language. Instead, use that space to get to point of your email. If have images and other related copy, put it after the primary point at the beginning, and then restate it at the end.


This works in two primary ways. If you have the recipients first name, use it in your introductory line. Something as simple as “Hi John,” goes a long way. Many email marketing platforms such as MailChimp and Constant Contact have tools that automatically fill in your contacts first name in your emails blasts. Then, if you have a working relationship, following with a friendly greeting is a great way to truly personalize the message. Something as simple as “It was great speaking with you last week!” goes a long way as well.

Add Value

These days, everyone gets inundated with emails day-in, day-out. Before you send your email, think about what sets your email apart from others. By and large, people join email lists not only to learn more about their interests but also to receive something of value just for being signed up. Think of your email list as something of a VIP club and try to treat your subscribers as such. If you’re sending a sales-related email, consider including an exclusive deal for your email subscribers. If it’s an update to existing customers, try to give them something they can use – helpful tips and tricks, tools, or first access to new features.

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