4 Compelling Tips That Will Allow You To Become 10 Times More Productive Than Your Competition

Do you want to learn the secrets of the most productive people in the business world? Well, it’s not really much of a secret. It is pretty much common sense, but in this powerful article I am going to give you 4 important tips to become more successful in your business. By increasing your efficiency, you will create great growth in your business.

Don’t Give In To Displacement Activities

Many unsuccessful entrepreneurs and people who are in sales fail because they spend their day working on displacement activities. Displacement activities are activities that do not lead directly to profits. For example, if you own a website, the only thing you should really be focusing on in the first part of your day is driving traffic to your site.

It is only traffic that is going to lead to sales. If you are spending your day reading books or changing the look of your site, that is great, but you need to understand that these are less productive activities that can be done after your work hours. So, the first tip is to avoid displacement activities like checking e-mail, pushing them for the later hours of the day.

Learn To Say “NO”

When you are a business owner you will face a persistent dilemma: people wanting to waste your time. Now, don’t get me wrong: most of these people don’t have bad intentions. The problem is that these people generally don’t have your business mindset, so they will constantly be distracting you, not understanding that the fact that you have a business doesn’t mean you are not disciplined and working.

So, when people want to interrupt you with unprofitable activities, it is imperative that you have the courage to turn them away, perhaps telling them that you are working on something very important and that you will talk to them later. Eventually, they will get into the habit of leaving you alone, greatly increasing your productivity.

Work On The Tough Tasks First

Most people like to work on the easy things for most of the day. They generally avoid the challenging tasks that will get them the results they crave. Successful entrepreneurs do the opposite. They get into the habit of tackling the toughest tasks first, understanding that as the day progresses they will have less energy to get them done effectively.

So, get in the habit of identifying what the toughest and most challenging tasks are, and then get started on these tasks as soon as you wake up. What you do repeatedly becomes a habit, so if you continue to do this you will be developing amazing habits for future, exponential growth.

Make A List Once And Get On It

Too many people get themselves tied down constantly checking their e-mail or other devices looking for new tasks to get done. Successful people check their e-mail once, write down everything they have to do, shut down their e-mail, and get to work. If you do this you will outpace your competitors who are still stuck in the unproductive habits that will keep them down.

In Conclusion

These are powerful tips that can make any entrepreneur more productive. Never forget that we don’t have unlimited time throughout our days, so it is vital that we develop good habits of efficiency. You will be amazed at how much more efficient you will become after a few months of consistently applying these great principles.

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