3 Cs to Be Able to Speak English

When I was in a village long time ago, it was when I started my first year of high school the first day I learned English, I felt I was totally blind and had no idea of what I could do in my English class. One of my bad experiences in learning English in my second junior school is my English teacher used to knock me on my head several times which made me hate the teacher very much because of his cruelty in treating us, in fact I knew I was considered to be one of good students in English but I was treated badly that one day I had to report his misconduct to my father and right away my father went to get the teacher although in the end the teacher admitted treating me badly and asked for an apology. So after I left the junior school, I went to the big city of Medan in Indonesia to continue my study and I was scared I thought all my classmates were well able to follow the English class because I assumed that those who come from the city were all able to speak English well because most of the students in the city went to English courses to learn English in addition to learning English lessons offered at school. There are so many English courses in Medan compared to the number in the village. But in fact it was not true as I thought before, only very few people in my class I found who were able to understand the English lesson, so my courage and confidence increased gradually because I felt we were all the same having weaknesses in English. I took advantage of their inability as well as my inability with my limited ability in English to try to be able to follow the lesson presented by our first English teacher in class. So I can say that there are three main requirements in order to be able to speak English successfully. The first requirement to learn to be able to speak English is you should have confidence raised from your inability. You should also be able to take positive advantage of your weaknesses, your weaknesses could raise or increase your confidence because it is the fact that many are successful learning from their weaknesses. This is important for you in many aspects of life especially in learning English because it is not our language so you need to be confident in struggling to be able to speak and to use English.

The second requirement in order to be able to speak English well is that you should have courage to speak it, to use it, to communicate with people or friends with it. Without courage to speak it out, without bravery to use English, without feeling with no fear to employ English you will not be able to talk in English. While learning you can not avoid mistakes but from the mistakes you will be able to learn so when we are afraid of making mistakes we will never try it without trying we will not be successful so you should be courageous to use the language no matter how many mistakes or errors which might occur.

The third requirement is that you should be creative and active to learn English by using any resources that you have at hand or around you by reading English books, attending classes or courses either trying distance and internet learning that are available to help you learn English, hiring a private tutor in person or via social media or Skype, setting aside time for practice, finding a friend or an American or Brits tourist to practise with learning real English, making friends who really want to speak English a great way to get your confidence up, watching English TV and films, listening to English songs, listening to English radio and using Google to searching for things on the internet, try going to Google.co.UK instead of your native language that will help you find the results you’re looking for in English, and using English will slowly start to become a habit, reading a favorite book in English before bed and many other things including adorning your room or bedroom pictures, flashcards to be constantly exposed to the words, phrases and grammar you should be memorizing, etc.

In conclusion, there are 3 essential but good qualities that you should have in order to be able to speak English well and it should not be that expensive because many resources are available for free online now, you should be confident that you will make it, be courageous and should not be afraid when using the language with anybody who uses English and last of all you should always be committed in pursuing the ability to speak English well.

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