21TEN Business – Is 21TEN A Legit Opportunity Or a Total Rip-Off?

21TEN – The Good…

21TEN is a brand new network marketing opportunity founded by CEO Richard Brooke. The company’s main product is 21TEN Life Shotz – a potent powder that can be added to any beverage to give cellular protection, natural energy and mood elevation.

The normal way to take Life Shotz is to mix a packet with water, but it can also be added to juice, tea, yoghurts, protein shakes, even alcoholic drinks. The products contain no sugar or preservatives, and are gluten free.

If you try the products and decide that you like them then 21TEN offers the chance for customers to sign up as Distributors and build their own business sharing the products with others. A Distributor starter kit costs $30, and there is an annual renewal fee of $20. Commissions and bonuses are paid monthly based on personal sales and the sales of those who the Distributor has personally enrolled into the business.

In other words, the way to be successful with 21TEN is to sell as much as you can, but also to recruit other people into the business who will be able to do the same.

The Bad…

21TEN is likely to cause a bit of controversy because it is an MLM business, and MLM is still quite unpopular with some people who believe it is the same as pyramid selling, and accuse it of being a scam. 21TEN is not a scam, however, and is a legit business that has the potential to make its Distributors a lot of money, provided they use the right strategies to go about it.

The Ugly…

The company claims that making money with them is easy because the business is so much fun, but this is slightly misleading. Nobody should ever enter any sort of business believing that it is going to be easy. If you do this, you will probably fail.

To be a success with 21TEN it is important that you don’t just try and sell to your friends and family, because this strategy is out of date and proven to fail in the modern world. Instead, you need to look to the future and embrace the power of the internet. By learning the art and science of internet marketing you could grow a great business with 21TEN, and start making more money than you ever dreamed of.

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